Challenge Course Inspections

Alpine Towers provides inspections for all types of challenge courses.

Alpine Towers provides inspections for all types of challenge courses including high and low ropes courses, rappel and climbing towers, sky parks, aerial adventure parks, zip lines, and indoor and outdoor climbing walls. Alpine Towers does not have to have built the challenge course in order to inspect it.

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) has identified annual professional inspections as a minimum standard for challenge course programs. Alpine Towers is accredited by the ACCT and provides inspection services that meet ACCT standards.

Our Challenge Course Inspection Services

Structural Inspections

Our Structural Inspection focuses primarily on the structural integrity of your challenge course. Following ACCT standards, our inspector spends the majority of their time inspecting the nuts, bolts, trees, ropes, hardware, poles, cables, and other critical challenge course elements. The inspection includes a visual and physical inspection of low elements, high elements, the surrounding environment, and associated challenge course climbing and safety equipment.

In addition, the inspector also evaluates your organizations’ periodic and daily-use challenge course inspection sheets and equipment/rope logs. Upon completion of the inspection, the Alpine Towers inspector will notify your team immediately if an element or equipment fails the inspection so those failed items can be removed from service. This is done verbally and in written form using our On-site Documentation report.

Should you need it, Alpine Towers can include load and drop testing as a part of the challenge course inspection process. This is not included in every inspection but can be added upon request.

Inspection Reports

In accordance with ACCT standards, Alpine Towers provides a comprehensive Inspection Report following our completed Structural Inspection. You can expect to receive your Inspection Report within two weeks from the date of your inspection. This Report documents information about your challenge course including any modifications that have been made. The Report provides the operational condition of all elements and equipment. We also include recommendations and suggestions for future operation and maintenance/repair of the course.

Should anything on the challenge course fail, it is noted in the inspection report. The Inspection Report serves as a valuable resource for future program and budget planning. Following the recommendations found on the inspection report can help you stay on top of minor maintenance and repairs that you can do in-house before they turn into major issues.

Alpine Towers can also perform maintenance and repairs on your challenge course. Our maintenance team can handle everything from a full-course refurbishment to smaller repairs recommended by your inspector. We strive to use the highest quality components when completing any repair. Be sure to schedule repairs prior to your upcoming busy season to ensure continued use of your course.

Daily-Use and Periodic Inspections

ACCT standards require operators to complete periodic and pre-use challenge course inspections. This periodic internal monitoring should be implemented and documented by the operator. It is an on-going system of monitoring all challenge course components. Email to request an electronic copy of our periodic and pre-use challenge course inspection sheets.

We would love to speak with you to answer any questions or schedule your challenge course inspection. Please fill out the Request an Inspection form to the right. Or call our Program Services Department directly at (828) 771-0368.


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