Alpine Towers supports this minimum standard requirement.

The Association for Challenge Course Technology has identified annual professional inspections as a minimum standard for challenge course programs. Alpine Towers supports this minimum standard requirement.

The Structural Inspection focuses primarily on the structural integrity of your course. The inspector spends the majority of the time inspecting the nuts, bolts, poles, and cables of the structure. In addition, the inspector also evaluates monthly inspection sheets and inspects all climbing and safety equipment.

The Inspection Report. In accordance with ACCT standards, Alpine Towers provides a comprehensive report following a completed inspection. This report documents information about your course including any modifications that have been made. The main purpose of the document is to provide the operational condition of all elements and equipment. We also include recommendations and suggestions for future operation and maintenance/repair of the course.

We would love to speak with you to answer any questions or schedule an inspection for your course. Please fill out the request form or call our Program Services Department directly (828) 771-0368.


Desired Dates for Inspection