Alpine Towers has a wide range of tactical course designs that are in use at US military training facilities across the globe.

Alpine Towers designs, builds & maintains tactical training courses. These courses are designed and built to applicable TRADOC standards with the same level of craftsmanship for which we are known.

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Alpine Towers’ staff have decades of experience designing & building, inspecting & repairing, and training staff for tactical training courses for military bases across the nation.

Tactical & Military Course Design & Build

Alpine Towers military courses meet current TRADOC standards. We can design, build, and service the following military courses, as well as help you dream up something new that best meets the needs of your program.

  • Rappel Tower, M CAT Tower or Climbing Tower: Various tower structures which can help build confidence, encourage teamwork, and teach technical skills.
  • Tactical & Military Obstacle Course: Obstacle courses are a useful tool in physical fitness training. Alpine Towers can create Obstacle courses for jumping, crawling, vertical climbing, horizontal traversing, dodging, and balancing; or any combination of those obstacles that your program needs.
  • Confidence Course: Confidence Course elements are designed to give soldiers confidence in their mental and physical abilities while cultivating personal courage. Some confidence course elements include: the Slide for Life, Confidence Climb, Skyscraper, The Tarzan, and Belly Robber.

Tactical Course Inspections

Alpine Towers inspectors will inspect according to TRADOC standards, as well as ACCT standards. We are familiar with load and drop testing and will ensure that is part of your inspection, with an engineer present, if requested. Our builders, inspectors and trainers have undergone professional industry trainings, including OSHA trainings. Our administrative staff have years of experience working with government contracting offices (i.e., Wide Area Workflow, OSHA documentation, etc.) and are familiar with these processes.

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