Full-Service Challenge Course Vendor

Building Experiences Since 1989

With over 30 years of experience in the challenge course technology industry, Alpine Towers has designed, installed, and serviced hundreds of engaging experiential learning and recreational environments for universities, summer camps, military institutions, health & wellness facilities, and more all over the United States.

As an Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) accredited organization, our focus is on high-quality craftsmanship and designing courses that fit the unique needs of each of our clients. Alpine Towers manages every phase of challenge course construction and maintenance, from designing and building, to scheduling services such as training, inspections, and repairs.

Our obstacle course building experience & services include:

  • Ropes Courses
  • Climbing Walls
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Low Elements
  • Indoor Courses
  • Tactical Course Designs
  • Challenge Course Staff Training and Certifications
  • Challenge Course Inspections
  • Maintenance and Repair

What is a Challenge Course?

A challenge course is an experiential learning environment focused on encouraging personal growth, teamwork, and adventure through a series of challenges that promote working together. These challenge courses are sometimes built on or low to the ground and sometimes built high on utility poles.



Our team has completed a variety of successful challenge course projects, including the Odyssey Course at UNC Chapel Hill’s Outdoor Education Center; the Alpine Tower, one of our most popular designs, at Eagle View Ranch in Wyoming; and our Carolina Ridge Wall at YMCA Camp Hanes.

We’re passionate about making sure every project is designed to educate, inspire, and empower for years to come.


As a Full-Service challenge course vendor we are committed to working together with you throughout the life of your challenge course program. We are here to conduct your annual inspection, perform staff trainings and/or certifications, and provide any necessary maintenance and repair work that might be needed along the way. Alpine Towers’ Program Services staff are here to help you with any or all of these services as they are needed for your challenge course(s).


At Alpine Towers, we not only build and maintain your challenge course, but also sell all the equipment you need to make the most of it, from harnesses and helmets to belay systems, carabiners, and anchors. Our expert instructors will teach you how to use the equipment so you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about safety, and you can rest assured that your challenge course will be an incredible experience for all participants.


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